Top Ten Classic Famous Dishes in Tibet


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Dec 19, 2021
The three bowls of Tibet are Tibetan-style folklore specialties. According to legend, they have been passed down from generation to generation from the Tubo dynasty to the present. They are delicious and have high nutritional value. After more than 300 years of improvement, they have become more and more in line with the tastes of the public and become a must-eat when you come to Tibet.

Saffron beef

Saffron yak meat is one of the very famous Tibetan dishes. It has a long history. According to legend, Princess Wencheng entered Tibet and was not accustomed to traditional Tibetan cuisine. So he ordered the royal chef to improve the yak meat and added the secret system of the Tang Dynasty court. The cooking method is made into a unique dish combining Tibetan and Chinese. The most tender yak beef leg is selected. The beef leg is delicate and has a strong flavor. At the same time, the thick soup is made with yak bones and the secret sauce of the palace. Because of the unique cooking techniques of the plateau, only the saffron yak cooked locally in Lhasa is the most authentic snowy cuisine.

Curry lamb chops

Curry lamb chops are a Lhasa delicacy with strong Nepalese characteristics. Princess Chizun married the Tubo dynasty from Nepal. Because she missed her hometown, she cooked a special dish with royal curry brought by Nepal and snowy lamb unique to Tibet. The dishes comforted his homesickness. For the curry lamb chops, the curry used by Princess Chizun from the Nepalese royal family has a strong exotic flavor, combined with traditional Tibetan cooking methods. The lamb chops are marinated and colored with a special seasoning, and then other auxiliary ingredients are added for cooking. Finally, they are simmered with chicken broth, curry and other seasonings. Curry lamb chops are a rare delicacy in Lhasa.

Multigrain stewed yak meat

Multi-grain stewed yak meat has a history of nearly 1500 years. Legend has it that Songtsen Gampo’s favorite dish. At that time Songtsen Gumbu unified Tubo from Shannan all the way and became the only king in the snowy area. Multi-grain stewed yak meat will become the future The necessary delicacies for the Zamp family banquet and banquets are the delicacies that can only be enjoyed by the nobles in Tibet. Multi-grain yak meat is not only attractive in color, fresh and tender, but also rigorously matched with meat and vegetables, which is rich in nutrition. With the progress of the times, the stewed yak meat with miscellaneous grains, which originally belonged to the Potala Palace, gradually entered the homes of the people, allowing everyone to taste the most authentic and authentic Tibetan royal cuisine.