Rolls Royce Rent for in Dubai -


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May 21, 2022
Rolls Royce Rent for in Dubai -
What do you need to know?
If you are going to use a car rental in the Emirates for the first time, you need to have a general idea of what you will have to face:
The Emirates is a non–alcoholic country, getting behind the wheel — you can not drink, in any quantities, otherwise you will have to forget about the possibility of traveling by car or even about the right to enter the UAE.
There is no crime here, cars can be freely left and not locked, it is out of habit to lock the car and take out the keys, leaving for a couple of minutes for a pack of cigarettes, the Arabs unmistakably identify immigrants from European countries.
Rolls Royce Rent for in Dubai -
All road markings and signs are intuitive, and it is impossible to violate the rules prescribed by them, every meter of all roads is viewed by video cameras installed unobtrusively enough, so that it is almost impossible to notice them.
The priority on the road is not for the pedestrian, but for the motorist, so stopping to let a pedestrian pass, European tourists cause confusion among Arab pedestrians, who, in turn, stand and wait for the car to pass.
All car parks are free, many attractions and shopping centers have cars parked not by drivers, but by local workers, this is normal and does not require any payment, you should not be afraid to refuse such a service.
There is also a rather funny nuance. From the point of view of the laws, in many Emirates, a car and a camel have the same rights on the road, but a horse has more rights. This means that if a caravan of camels meets on the way, then it is not necessary to skip it, you need to act according to circumstances. But if a horse appears in front of a rented car, then you need to skip it.