How to start an LLC in Michigan


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May 21, 2022
How to start an LLC in Michigan
LLC is a fairly convenient form of legal entity that combines limited liability (as when creating a Corporation) and a favorable tax regime (as when creating a Partnership). There are other advantages of LLC.
If you decide to open an LLC in the USA, you need to determine the state in which the company will be registered. It depends on which laws will regulate the management and activities of the LLC (for example, in Florida there is an RLLCA – Revised Limited Liability Company Act).
How to start an LLC in Michigan
When choosing a state for registration, you should consider:
where the company will carry out its activities;
where will the main office of the company be located;
what political, tax, business or social aspects may affect her work.
The most preferred state for LLC registration is the state in which the company will conduct its activities. However, some businessmen prefer neighboring states, because Delaware, Wyoming and Nevada have certain advantages (for example, they allow you to save on taxes, provide proximity to assets and customers, or have suitable licensing requirements).
After registration of the Charter of the organization in the DOC, LLC can hold the first meeting. This is not required by law, but it allows you to solve specific issues, such as:
determining the financial year of the LLC;
opening a bank account;
conclusion of employment contracts, etc.
In addition, representatives of the company are sent a set of statutory documents of the LLC. This is also not required by law, but is an established business practice.
A set of the company's statutory documents can be stored at the LLC office or at its lawyer. LLC can also issue membership certificates reflecting the size of each participant's share.