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  1. Maxxx17

    I'm scared to have a blood transfusion

    Hello forum members. The spectrum of pathogens transmitted with donor blood components is constantly expanding due to a number of factors, including the evolution of the pathogens themselves. And who knows what I might get after a blood transfusion. Now it's scary to be treated at all. Do you...
  2. Maxxx17

    Is it worth to buy property in Spain?

    I want to start earning a passive income from real estate and am considering different countries for this. So far Spain suits me best. What do you think about it? Is it worth the risk and to try?
  3. Maxxx17

    Benefits Of Cbd Oil

    Please tell me, it is interesting to hear about why you should take cbd oil
  4. Maxxx17

    Which torrent do you think is the best?

    Hello forum members. It is clear that almost every Internet user downloads something via torrent. For me personally it is games. I do not remember that besides games to download something. What torrent do you think is the best for this?
  5. Maxxx17

    What are the benefits of online adult dating?

    Hello forum members. I'm thinking of starting online dating and looking for an intimate partner there. Obviously I'm going to start with online dating sites. What are their benefits?
  6. Maxxx17

    How does sport help combat stress?

    I am told that if stress has become an integral part of life and there is no way to get rid of it, you need to start moving. Do you agree with that? And how does sport help with stress?
  7. Maxxx17

    Star Wars: The Old Republic currency market

    Hello forum members. I think everyone knows how important the role of currency in any game and Star Wars: The Old Republic is no exception. Did you buy currency when you played it? Or do without?
  8. Maxxx17

    Question about the mortgage

    Hello forum members. I am now in a critical situation and in a stupor. I'm thinking about whether it will be profitable to take a mortgage on the house? Or is it still worth waiting and saving?
  9. Maxxx17

    Is Minecraft cool or boring?

    Many new Minecraft users don't understand the point of Minecraft. And often without understanding throw the game. But as for me the game is not boring so it may seem only at first glance. And the true connoisseurs will support me now.