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    An unexpected find

    I had a similar situation, I really didn't buy a house, but I helped a friend move scrap metal after he sorted it. After we brought the scrap metal in, they started weighing it and asking questions about whether we had sorted it. Afterward, we were pleasantly surprised scrap copper prices as...
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    Improvement of messenger

    Hi, has anyone heard about the ability to modify your messenger even if its source code is not in the public domain?
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    The long-awaited trip

    Speaking of Bali. My friends and I used to vacation there, too. We vacationed in the town of Ubud. We've never seen so much greenery in our lives. That's what it means for people to get used to the stone jungle and forget what it's like to be in nature.
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    Creating a marketplace

    Mastodons like Amazon did not appear from an empty place they have been built for years and now gather the fruits of their labors. The variety of marketplaces is growing, but it may not last long.
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    Complicated sleeping situation

    Hi all, I've been having terrible insomnia and subsequent depression lately. My job involves driving a car all the time. I'm very afraid of a situation like this. Afraid of falling asleep at the wheel and getting into an accident. How do you combat insomnia and depression?