Guildball selling up

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Guildball selling up

Postby ratbiter » Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:26 am

Looking to get £50 for this lot, not looking to splits at this stage


Decimate (Season 1 and 2 card)
Velocity (Season 1 and 2 card)
Salvo (Season 1 and 2 card)
Ratchet (Season 1 and 2 card)
Mainspring (Season 1 and 2 card)
Ballista (Season 1 and 2 card)
Colossus (Season 1 and 2 card)
Pin Vice (Season 2 card)
Hoist (Season 2 card)
Compound (Season 1 and 2 card)

Full deck of Season 3 player cards

You can see pictures of the figures here

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