Bretonnia - poked with sharp things into senstive areas

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Bretonnia - poked with sharp things into senstive areas

Postby katsuro » Wed Aug 30, 2017 11:44 pm

So the "updated" compendiums have come out and as a long time Bretonnia player I quickly jumped on to have a look. Afterall I've heard so many stories of other armies having points deductions in the new Generals Handbook. I knew yesterday none of my points had changed but perhaps there were some nice changes to the rules. I was so wrong. All the shields changed from +1 to armour save when charging to re-roll 1s when charging. My lord now always needs a 4+ to wound. The Lord... has the same chance of wounding as men-at-arms and Yeoman and horses. He used to get +3 on the charge... but not anymore. They changed the paladin to "noble champion" and just didn't give him an armour save. He also has a shield in his description but he doesn't even get the re-roll 1s, not that it would help with no armour save. This gives me some hope as they've obviously made some blatantly big mistakes, so there is hope some things might get changed soon, but all in all, it really looks like they don't want Bretonnians to be an army that is played all anymore.

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Re: Bretonnia - poked with sharp things into senstive areas

Postby spikyandy » Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:22 am

That they did away with the range of models suggest to me they don't want them played anymore.

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