How to get women into Warhammer AoS?

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How to get women into Warhammer AoS?

Postby Vyktal » Tue Jul 11, 2017 2:41 pm

Hey all, I've sent this query to GW but I'm interested to hear opinions from the community.

I'm a 30 year old who has been out of the hobby for a while and with the recent releases in Age of Sigmar, I'm looking to dive back in. I now come to the hobby with a wife, a young daughter and another child on the way, and I want to dive into the game and share it with my family.

My issue can be summarised with a story from a GW shop owner: a man and his daughter came in to pick up the Age of Sigmar starter set, but when the daughter saw the 40k models on the shelves, she dropped the box and ran over full of excitement. After a few minutes intently searching, she turns to her dad and asks "Where are the girl armies?".
This story breaks my heart.

When I was a young boy, I got excited about armies into which I could project myself, hence why it was easy to pick up Space Marines for 40k and Empire army for Fantasy, with all the exaggerated cool and often manly features. However, now when I walk into a GW shop, on browsing the shelves, on researching into the armies, I struggle to find any armies which I could imagine getting excited about if I was a young girl.

I'd like to clarify that I understand there are gender non-specific races (ie tyranids) which women might enjoy. There are also some armies which have an element of female characters (ie aelves), however I'm frustrated by how they often are low in number in proportion to male characters, or they're over-sexualized (ie dark elves).

From my knowledge, the most progressive female model range from GW includes Sisters of Battle in 40k (whose model range is extremely outdated) and the recent female​ Stormcast Eternal figure. Otherwise, all other humanoid (or downright human based) armies are predominated by, if not entirely dominated, by men.

1) To summarise my concern; how can I, in this modern and progressive day and age, justifiably introduce my daughter to a hobby which lacks strong, developed and non-objectified female/feminine characters? If I was to try, which armies would you recommend for a young aspiring female wargaming general?

2) If anyone here is female, what attracted you to the hobby? What army do you play?

3) For parents in my position, have you had any joy exposing your daughter to the hobby?

4) I would also like to request advice; I am considering a project in building an all-female Stormcast Eternal army, but I do not know what conversions or decorations might communicate the female soldiers? Would you be able to recommend a resource for advice?

Thank you for your time.

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Re: How to get women into Warhammer AoS?

Postby hobbes25 » Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:25 am


I've recently gotten back into Age of Sigmar and shortly after I introduced it to my girlfriend. She had much the same reaction of questioning the lack of female models.

Fortunately I found a cool female wood elf lord on eBay and she soon found herself drawn to the wood elves as a faction since they seem to have the most female models. They are also all sensibly dressed which was another plus for her.
This unit is interesting in that it is the only one I have found that has both male and female models, more units like this would be welcome I think.

In response to point 4 of your post, I saw one guy at my local Games Workshop do a mix of Stormcast Eternals and Wood Elves for a nice conversion, he simply used the head of an elf lord with a nice hood instead of the Stormcast Eternal helmet and used a nice green colour scheme.

Hope this helps

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