HeelanHammer EP157: Happy Birthday Sigmar (AoS Podcast)!

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HeelanHammer EP157: Happy Birthday Sigmar (AoS Podcast)!

Postby Dan Heelan » Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:54 pm


Yo yo yo!

Welcome fans, 15th of the month can only mean one thing - Heelanhammer time! On today's show we are joined by two special guests as we take a look back at the first year in Sigmar..... all this and more on today's Heelanhammaaaaaaaa.....

Episode 157: Happy Birthday Sigmar

00:02: Review: Ben Curry and Russ Veal join Dan to look back at the first year of Sigmar.
01:01: End of Show.

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Mighty Beardtrix, [Post subject: "Famous" warhammer players] wrote:Hello all, just wondering if anyone knew of any people in the public eye that play or have played warhammer. I'm not talking about Jervis, Gav Thorpe, Dan Heelan (Really?!) or whoever,

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Re: HeelanHammer EP157: Happy Birthday Sigmar (AoS Podcast)!

Postby Darth Cynical » Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:27 pm

Great show again.

Make me wish my life away waiting for 15th and 30th.
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