Impact of Generals Book and other AoS based questions....

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Re: Impact of Generals Book and other AoS based questions....

Postby dafruk » Fri Aug 05, 2016 1:44 pm

Nibbles wrote:Yeah, a more clear structure does indeed make the game more accessible than leaving all of it up to the players. GH would only complicate things for the very youngest of players who would not understand the calculations & additional rules, though this group would not likely understand much of the four pages of basic rules of the game either. GH leaves the basic game a viable option too, which is very nice for those who prefer the open approach. They've definitely made the game more appealing to a broader audience now and I hope it continues to grow in popularity!

I hope this is true, I fear already from things I'm seeing that it's not.

As long as people are willing to pick and choose then that remains true but if we return to the entrenched mentality that GWs points are correct "because they're GWs" then I'd rather they had never published the GH and left it up to the community. A community who have shown they are willing to be reactive to obvious imbalances and tweak their points instead of being stuck with obviously optimal/suboptimal costs attached to certain units.

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Re: Impact of Generals Book and other AoS based questions....

Postby Nibbles » Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:14 pm

I am sure that the larger fan communities will test the official points in their events and compare the quality of games to those run before the GH. If GH makes everything worse then they won't use it.
I do respect your opinions even when I do not state so, we are all free to disagree and agree here. And I certainly do not assume that my ideas about the rules would be the only proper ones. We all have our own ways for playing these games and that is fine.

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