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++ Age of Sigmar Rules & TWF FAQ

Postby Gaz Taylor » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:21 pm

For any new players venturing onto this forum or anybody interested in picking up this game, I thought I would do a quick thread to help out with where the rules are and a TWF FAQ to the game.

[last updated - 18/08/15]

The Rules
At the moment, the rules are free on Games Workshop's Website and can be found HERE. There are additional books with new scenarios and ways of playing out now from Games Workshop, so while these rules seem basic, try to see them as a starting point.

Also some playing groups and tournaments have come up with a Composition System (aka Comp) to help players pick forces to use against each other. At the moment there are the following methods....

Independent AoS Pool System or Age Of Sigmar SDK

Both have their pros and cons but allow players to establish a framework for how they want to play the game. Alternatively, you can limit the amount of models or wounds but this can very easily be abused if there are players in your gaming group who like to do such things.

There is also a website which allows you to create lists based upon these two systems. The site is http://scrollbuilder.com/ and is worth a visit!

For new players, here is a quick guide to the different races that have Warscrolls on the Games Workshop Website. These Warscrolls are in place to allow players with older model collections to use their models in Age of Sigmar but most of these models will be available for you to buy now. All these Warscrolls are set before the Age of Sigmar and from a background point of view many of these races do not exist in the same way now.

Games Workshop have also released a Age of Sigmar app on iOS and Android which can be used to keep up to date with the rules of any new models. Also if you go to the Games Workshop website, all models should have a link to their rules for you to download.

The haunted forests and wastelands of the realms are home to savage creatures that live only to trample and despoil. Some call them the horned ones, others the true children of Chaos, but to mortal men they are known as Beastmen. When the horns of battle call, the warherds mass alongside their bull-headed brethren to fight alongside the armies of Chaos. The only reward they seek is the chance to wreak utter havoc upon everything in their path.

In fair Sigmaron the free people of humanity gather, preserving heraldry and cultural traditions from civilisations ground beneath the weight of unceasing strife. The clamour of warlike souls fills the heavens, united in Sigmar’s name. Though some of these lost tribes have been driven from their homelands, and others cast adrift on the tides of time, every soul amongst them dreams of wreaking bloody revenge upon the forces of Chaos.

Daemons of Chaos
Hellish spawn of the Dark Gods, the daemons of Chaos exist only to corrupt and destroy. They are the foot soldiers of Chaos, malicious entities whose very existence is anathema to the Mortal Realms. Though each Chaos God is served by their own rival daemons, all put aside their differences to invade the Mortal Realms. Only the most courageous can stand before such infernal hordes, and even they stand little chance...

Dark Elves
Embittered and cruel, the aelf Exiles roam the Mortal Realms bringing death to every foe they meet. These swift and vicious warriors are ostensibly allies of Sigmar. In truth, they serve only the shadowy Malerion, and themselves. Emerging from the darkened places of the realms, the Exile warbands engage in lightning raids that leave ravaged corpses piled high in their wake. Then they vanish as quickly as they came, like smoke melting away on the breeze.

The air rings with cannon fire and booming Khazalid hymns as the Dispossessed go to war. No more resolute or resilient force is there in all the Mortal Realms, and when these duardin set forth from the gates of Azyrheim the ground shakes to their marching tread. The Dispossessed have lost everything they held dear to the servants of Chaos. All these duardin have left is their grudges, and they fight harder than ever to see them avenged.

The Empire
In fair Sigmaron the free people of humanity gather, preserving heraldry and cultural traditions from civilisations ground beneath the weight of unceasing strife. The clamour of warlike souls fills the heavens, united in Sigmar’s name. Though some of these lost tribes have been driven from their homelands, and others cast adrift on the tides of time, every soul amongst them dreams of wreaking bloody revenge upon the forces of Chaos.

High Elves
Once, the aelf Highborn were mighty. They ruled, proud and regal, over glittering cities and wonders beyond count. All of that is gone now. In place of their lost lands the Highborn have only the endless war against Chaos. Though they defend enclaves throughout the Mortal Realms, the greatest concentration of Highborn dwells in Azyrheim. Here they fight for Sigmar’s alliance, raising militia armies to hold back the tides of darkness.

The Seraphon are beings of order, creatures of the stars whose minds and bodies sing with Azyrite energy. They are the sworn enemies of Chaos, ever-opposed to the Dark Gods and the bedlam they bring. The cold-blooded savagery of the Seraphon is legendary. Directed by the inscrutable slann, their tightly disciplined cohorts and roaring saurian beasts tear through their enemies with the ferocity of true predators.

Ogre Kingdoms
The hulking ogors are obsessed with two things – eating and fighting. Given the chance, they will indulge in both at the same time. Emerging from their lairs in cave networks, mountainsides and tumbled ruins, the ravenous ogors and their savage beasts go to war in every Mortal Realm. Brutish and dense, a single ogor can flatten a dwellingplace, whilst a rampaging horde of the gluttonous bullies can topple an entire city.

Orcs and Goblins
Nothing slaps a grin onto a greenskin’s face like a good bit of smashing stuff up. Whether thuggish Orruks or sneaky grots, drunken gargants or dumb-asrock troggoths, all live for the day the Great Waaagh! is declared. Part holy crusade, part anarchic riot, the Great Waaagh! sweeps across the realms laying waste to all in its path. So do the greenskins worship Gorkamorka, through total destruction and indiscriminate mayhem.

Screeching and scrabbling throughout time and space, the skaven gnaw at the fringes of every nation. The Children of the Horned Rat infest the Mortal Realms much as vermin infest a sewer, watching, lurking and sniffing out opportunities to further their vile agendas. They are each desperate to rise above friend and foe alike, and will commit acts of shocking betrayal to do so, for all skaven possess a vicious ingenuity born of a desire for conquest.

Tomb Kings
The lands of the dead are home to revenant armies, and amongst them are the phalanxes of the Tomb Kings. These undying legions are led to war by megalomaniacal conquerors whose dynasty stretches across the aeons. Beside serried ranks of skeletons and chariots fight stone-hard reanimants
and creatures from the barren deserts of the afterlife. When bound to the will of Nagash and the other masters of death, the Tomb Kings are unstoppable.

Vampire Counts
In the war-torn Mortal Realms, the unquiet dead are plentiful indeed. Some have the power to bind the slain to their will, from the most bestial corpse to the most kingly of spectres. Their revenant armies walk abroad in every realm, grave-cold blades hacking into warm flesh whenever their masters seek dominion over the living. None can rival Nagash, the Great Necromancer – even Sigmar himself has cause to fear his name.

Warriors of Chaos
The mortal worshippers of Chaos gather together in warbands mighty enough to conquer entire nations. Though the tyrannical lords that lead the armoured hordes believe themselves to be warrior kings born to rule the Mortal Realms with an iron fist, they are bound to higher powers in their turn. In truth, every murderer, monster and mutant in their armies is but a slave to darkness and a puppet of the Dark Gods.

Wood Elves
Amid the forests of the Mortal Realms, aelven peoples roam at will. Travelling in nomadic warbands led by mighty heroes and mages, these wanderers deal swift death to their enemies wherever they may be found. The aelves of the deep woods are servants of order, with a strange bond to the sylvaneth – yet they are also capricious beings and lethal wayfarers, who are swift to exact a toll in blood from any who would wrong them.

The aim of this FAQ is to answer any questions you may have about the game and help new players and old Warhammer Fantasy players. This is nothing official from Games Workshop and is based upon what I have seen as common questions. A good rule of thumb for many questions is to try and not break the game to prove you can and apply some common sense to when you are playing.

Q : Is this the new version of Warhammer Fantasy Battles or 9th Edition?
A : Yes and No. This is the new Warhammer Fantasy Game from Games Workshop called Age of Sigmar which has replaced Warhammer Fantasy Battle. There is no 9th edition.

Q : Can I use my models from my old Fantasy armies?
A : Yes. Games Workshop have released some Warscrolls to allow you to use your models. Bear in mind that these are "get you by" Warscrolls to allow you to use your models. Over time, we will see new models released and more focus upon these.

Q : My models have square bases but the new ones are on round. Which ones are correct?
A : Both. The rules state bases aren't important but there just to stop the model from falling over. So use what ever shaped base you want

Q : Somebody is saying they are going to use really big bases or really small bases! Can they?
A : Yes but remember that you measure from the model and the bases aren't important in this aspect (so you can have your models on the base of another model if it's on a big base)

Q : Can I measure from the base of the model?
A : If you want to. Just agree a common way with your opponent where to measure from if this is an issue

Q : I used to play older versions of Warhammer and it had the models had values for constructing army lists. Age of Sigmar doesn't do this! What is happening!?!
A : Age of Sigmar doesn't use points or army lists. At this moment in time it is rumoured there will be scenarios which may impact what models you can use in a battle, but for now use what is in the rules.

Q : Really no points!?!
A : Yes really no points.

Q : I used to play the game using ETC comp, SCGT Comp, Swedish Comp, etc. Is there anything like this around?
A : Several different groups are coming up with composition rules to how you select your army before a game. You can use these or come up with your own, the game won't stop you. All you need to do is agree with your opponent before the game.

Q : I want to play a campaign but as there are no points, I can't do this!
A : You can. You just to agree before hand how you want your campaign to work. This can be done by limiting the number of models, Warscrolls, Monsters, Heros, etc

Q : Some of the special rules say I need to do a dance or not kneel during a game. Do I really have to do that?
A : It's a bit of fun and a nod towards some iconic characters that were in the game before Age of Sigmar. If you don't want to use these, either don't bring the model or agree with your opponent you don't want to do it before hand and come to an agreement

Q : I have found out you can use Fateweaver and a Screaming Bell and win first turn. This game is stupid!
A : There is some debate if you can actually use this combo and win the game like this. However, if you do, don't act surprised if nobody wants to play you.

Q : I can summon a Lord of Change and then another and another and another and keep on going. This game is stupid!
A : Yes this is something you can do but if nobody wants to play you because you chose to do that, it's not necessarily the games fault.

Q : How does summoning work? Do I need to have models on the table or can I summon anything in my faction?
A : Some debate about this and many players are in either camp. Best way to be sure is check with your opponent or gaming group how they want to play it.

Q : This game is stupid!
A : In your point of view it is but bear in mind that others may not share the same point of view. This does not give you an excuse to rant about it and be aggressive to other players!

Any other questions, send me a PM. Anything ridiculous (i.e this is a stupid game) will be ignored ;)


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