Age of Sigmar and other stuff..

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Age of Sigmar and other stuff..

Postby Doom45 » Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:43 pm

So next month i am planning to buy 2 Soul Grinders, and i also plan to buy as many assault marines for 40k as i can.

the problem i encountered in country where i live was a terrible approach to english : in polish , assault is translated into 'bottom fault' (it sounds like that) but : the idiomatic phrase goes as "the black tarmac" , which is a synonymous of a 'negro'

i really have this problem, with people here , because 'the language polish, doesnt consists 'scarce monstrosity'. so , if you call somebody a 'steroid monster', in polish it is just : "a steroider".

the same is with magic the gathering, example "Mana Leak", polish people call , "a lump tiny" , a small lump. "because it sounds like that, in their language"

so they , turn bestiality into a good humor. well, in polish 'ik' is 'tiny at the end of phrase', example 'soldier tiny', "soldiertik"

or , polish words end with a 'kin'. so polish words are like "dj-kin' (dj-alike) , or 'jelly beans-kin" , or 'lesbian-kin' (which just means, 'lesbian' in polish, and i'm saying this, because 'polish people don't put VALUE, into words, everything is worth the same.

things , for polish people are 'terribly good', or terribly bad, or terribly wrong, but - it's just 'the measure of INTENSE'

i say this, not for any particular reason, but "because i can't find people to play'. it's just 'they don't want to play , they want to win'.

it looks like that "that i am drinking 2nd or 3th beer, he is rolling dices for Plague marines, throwing Smite at my Tau commander , and stuff like that , while i am watching "how he is playing, and i am trying to comprehend, what the hell is going on"

so - finally 'he is happy', he won. well, it took me about 3 years, of studying tau, to build this army, and i am testing it now, and i give it all the best i had.. "well , i learn something. but it's too hard". it makes no sense.

in my second post, i have alot new things to say too, so , stay tuned, i will publish a second note , and i want to encourage You, those of you are not playing 40k , to do, stuff like that.

another example, there was league. and i was to play another tau player. so i took a different army. but , what happened was "he brought Chapter Approved", 2 days after publishing, he said 'this is new tau rules, you accept, yes? sure. so , .. and he bombarded me with a plenty of new tau stuff from Chapter A, and , you know : it is "That I aM Teaching him - and he is learing "how to play" , i am showing him , how to look at the table, how to , not manipulate all things all the time, how to make clear moves, so "when he learnd something , this is his gain. but not mine'.

this is how it looks.

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Re: Age of Sigmar and other stuff..

Postby Doom45 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 3:21 pm

Here is my 3 sample armies without Catachans :

i build this armies , on example of 900 or 1100 points , like this

tau :

(Vanguard 1)

2 Ghostkeel
Crisis team x3

(Outrider 1)
5 teams of pahtfinder (3 ion rifle, 3 ion rifle, 3 ion rifle, 3 rail rifle, 3 rail rifle)

Vanguard (2)

3 Riptide

aproximately it's 1700 pts

..basically i wanted to include 5 pathinder teams and 2 ghostkeel on 1100 pts army, but this given detachments..

- - -

My first idea is that , "warhammer is about , buying playing cards, too" , so "that you earn as many Command Points, as you have infantry.

So , if you include about 11 or 12 big , teams of fire warriors, you would have about " 55 command poinst".

and i suppose this points you could spend on 'bonus items' (bi , bonus items) or "action points" called Stratagems.

as well, i would put Faction togheter with stratagems, so that "it's a well known combo".

So you see "that if you wanted to play this way, you would need a plenty of playing cards with notes : "Bi , sexual, oh sorry, Bi bonus, items"

polish people call, "bi , bonus" 'Bi - boys"

So , we have two decks, first with 'bi, bouns' (bonus items, and bonus actios), and 'the deck with tactical objectives, and objective points'

i think , any unit can be any faction and i just don't know 'which is what' in today warhammer.

- - -

Necron !!

my first army, first squad for necron 1100 pts was :

(Patrol 1)
- Command barge
- Tomb blades
- Annihilation barge
- Doomsday ark
- Immortals x 2

and that was all , i guess.

(Patrol 2)

i took :

- Flayed Ones
- Canoptek Spyder
- Canpotek Scarab
(and this three units i noticed, when i was playing 'dark crusade' on a notebook computer. i noticed 'flayedz' , look great as a unit for being on a Wing, i thought of two units of flayed, but the second patrol detachment didnt feel like it can carry two units of Flayed ones)

also i thought of Scarabs as 'mices'. some, mouse folk, because the Flayed ones really look like a seriously pissed off folk, who is really looking 'tiger like', withe 'south tiger paw' (the tiger fist, half open) , and canoptek spyeder also look impressive, i still mean, on playing dark crusade.

so , you get used to things very slowly.

also, second detach would consist :

- Transcendent C'tan
- Cryptek
- Lynchguard (it's a good idea to protect a cryptek , if can afford a unit like lynchguard)

the third detachment of necron :

(patrol , 3)

- Flayed Ones (second unit in army)
- Triarch pretorians (because you really want to buy them)
- Canoptek wraiths
- Heavy destroyers

i must say that wraights don't look very friendly , neither destroyers. Destroyers look pretty much like "a person who tells to "destroy this all culture, this all new things, because - it's useless.. and stuff , and no more movies, no more computers, lets get back to medieval era"

but it's good to have destroyers on your side. as for a Wraith, and maybe it's a very hard unit, almost as hard a Stalker (level 4 i think), and
a wraith is like 'windsufing or kite sailing'. or like a very strong concept "that you have, that you have a great concept, and you know it's gonna work. and you may get angry , that "fakk, you guys are so fakking lazy.. "

- - -

a comment : you may have noticed that , "we buy tau on specialist rule" and 'necron on a basis of patrol unit (infantry parent unit)"

as i see it : necron are not army that would 'seek for cover'. they march relentlessly , and , what's irritating "they stand up, again, even after you killed them".

so , situation is like that "to make this army really irritating, in 'standing Back'. standing back again. Necron. (you had this picture, you killed them already, almost all of them, and now they are on their feet again, this must be very.. irritating for the enemies)

so again, i suppose, to 'have a list of Dynasty, and command points for units', as 'combo lists'. and give one unit this, other that.

- -

the most common filosophy of polish folk is "what a pitty".

so situation look like that : i walk into the shop, clerc says :

i say : - Your wish ?

- you wish you were me..

- Your will ?

- my will will be.

i say : - Your will , will be done

- that's right.

Conclusion : ' (that's not : what a pity. that's correct')

let's swear some : in english , 'playing with a polish fashion of speaking naming'

polish like word : "lesbian , kin, tiny, quir tiny kin" (lesbian type of whor)

because 'tiny kin , means 'a quir'

so, these people speak like that (but they don't know that) "lesbian, kin, tiny, whor quir, tiny kin.. "

because, You know "a what you call, lesbian is "not likely to be keen or accept". not nice person

Gai is : "every gai is the same alike". lazy and stupid

different 'bi' , are 'agressive and hostile'

and - the 'quir like', is 'a whore tiny kin', and 'the circle closes again , because : 'a whore tiny kin , is 'a quir like, kin, fakkin, tiny kin.. '

so : i don't mean to swear, but , we locate mostly in wales, for me it is 'welsh tiny kin, whor , tiny kin, quir tiny kin', you know : people in welsh : Enjoy physical excercises.
welsh belive in different physical training, and different gai, belive, that 'watching welsh tiny kin , quir, on a tv, is the same as doing that yourself.

unless you do it yourself (training) you are not gonna know, 'how much it costs'. but still "it's stupid"


(patrol 1)
- Chaplain with JP (jump pack)
- Scout squad
- Reiver squad (9) chutes
- Vanguard veteran squad with JP
- Assault squad with JP
- Inceptor squad
- 2x Thunderfire cannon

(900 pts patrol)

so you may see, that 3 typical sample armies, on 1100 pts , consist : tau 2xghostkeel, space marine 2xthunder cannon, necron 2xbarges of annihilation and doomsday

(i think the cannon from doomsday and annihilation should be swiched, and annihilation cannon i put , vertically Twin cannon, onto 'doomsday ark')

the problem in english is that 'cannon' , means nothin, but 'the cannon' means 'a barrel'. OR, 'given is not forbidden' but 'this give' , is 'a wrong example possibly'.

this is english, eat it or sukc it.

Space Marines (patrol 2), space wolves

- Intercessor squad (9)
- Agressor squad
- Primaris Dreadnought
- Wolf guard with JP
- Wofl scouts
- Sky claws (JP included)
- Hellblaster squad

or maybe Long Fangs too.

in Space Marines third detach i would want

- Repulsor
- Stormwolf or Stormfang
- a rhino for primaris ?

more devastators ? more long fangs ?

- - -

Notes on Space Marines. i don't mention that my 'shortword for SM is sclerosis multipla'. which i wish , for my stepfather to 'earn it and eat it', because he was such a lazy 'fakkin faggo, quir, and i guess, "if he forgets on his old year, what the rules is all about.. you get the feeling , that "he just , had a amnesia, alzeheimer, and 'ei Afasia'. Afasia is "when you think that somehing is , high, you call it a bird, but the bird you know is a 'robin', so you say "ORANGE !! " , and you want everybody to understand, that what you want "is a glass of juice'. "and they are so stupid,they don't understand me". AAA. in polish it's word 'Raker' (Raker in polish means cancer), like ghostkeel raker , but i take 'Fusion Collider' for my GhostKeel'.

on a polish forum groups of Wh40, there is joke, but not common, "about what polish people call, AS.s.pain, having".

"A.s.s pain" , they call "an overgrown ambition"

i've said on one page, literally "hey, for the A.s.s pain, i advice an Assault Marines"

but : the Common is "still laughing at people, who are too greedy, are too much wanting, and "telling them to buy a A.s.s pain, cream in the pharmacy.. "

Next Armies : Catachans And Adeptus Mechanicus

i still say, that Catachans can beat on their own, even Space marines

"how to speak with a person, who calls 'a Battle-servitor Destroyer" , 'a cripple-wheelz-cart'

One more thing : The Army is As Cool, as Given to It "Rules". personally , i would play myself 'the Tyrs', only if they could 'jump on the Buildings, and leap from one building to another and 'assault from atop of building's. i think 'it would be fair.

As much, 'Orks can be cool' , as long , as ther have 'plenty of Wagons, Buggies, and some really marvellous inventions, which i don't what would be.

But, building orcs, you must remember , that "such army is build this way : First , you place a Big Gargant. and that is almost all.

Second, is 'you put Big Stompas'. a few of Big Stompas.

and they are like metallicas "and he's hungry, and he's whor , give me more give me more.. "

so, "it's hard to hard to build the orc army, because you would want, to put "some guys with rockets on their backs, some very fast and very suicidal units, but : if you are forced to put the Gargant first, you lack a bit more options.. ". so, we assume, 'that for Orcs, you must put a Character first.

so, Orc is Type, and warhammer is Type game, not 'a character game'. types are common in thinking, and typical thinking wins, if you are better suited.

i hope, even if you are short on money you can still buy the 'first detach', best wishes for ALL !!

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