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Beta version - notes

Postby CM1981 » Sun Nov 22, 2015 12:25 pm

Hi there, just reading through, fantastic set of work, just found a couple of things I wanted to comment on.

1) path of fire - burning/ flaming ramparts still references flame cage in the spell description of effects.

2) path of heavens - the replacement effects for the two hex / augments are extremely powerful...going to a straight re-roll of all failed armour / to hit / to wound by choice is extremely good for the casting value.

Same with the hex...against some armies it will totally destroy a unit in one round for an 11+ ( I think it's that )

Could it have two levels, both 24" and just have the original version from 8th as the base level, boosted to say 14+ for the newer version of the rules?

Otherwise the heavens path looks like a no brainier for many armies that can take it.

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