Schedule for 9th Age?

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Schedule for 9th Age?

Postby Viruk » Wed Oct 28, 2015 5:50 pm

Hi, Sorry if this is posted somewhere but I couldn't find it either here or on the 9th Age website. Maybe just missed it though.

Does anyone know what the release schedule for 9th edition currently looks like?

I heard a vague rumor that the proper release date for the main rulebook (v1.0 I guess) is early November. And then books sometime later? Any truth to that?

Pretty much looking for when we can expect the 9th age main rulebook to come out as well as the army books and then not change (drastically anyway, guess tightening up of rules will still happen in future updates and FAQ's addressed in books).

Or is the dates all up in the air?

Cheers for any info.

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Re: Schedule for 9th Age?

Postby fjugin » Wed Oct 28, 2015 6:43 pm

2nd Novmbener: 16 armybooks (first beta versions), rulebook (v0.9 beta).
Few days later (no more than a week): Paths of magic (v0.9 beta)

During November and early December, minor updates to above documents to fix errors and major balance issues.

Late December (no exact date set yet): First full version of the game
16 armybooks
Magic paths
(All version 1.0)

After this, we will let these versions be for some times in order to allow a meta to establish itself
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