Need Help building an army after all these years

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Need Help building an army after all these years

Postby Fellshadow » Wed Jul 26, 2017 5:43 pm


I have been away from the hobby for years but I have now taken a new interest. I need some help turning this Astra Militarum rabble into a decent army, not for match play but just for fun. Guessing by people I know that I might be opposing Necrons, Orks, or Some kind of Chaos force...

I have...

1 Chimera
1 Hellhound
3 armored sentinals

5 squads of Tallarn infantry
2 LT
1 Captain
1 Commissar

1 Tallarn veteran squad
1 Tallarn Heavy weapon squad (mortars)
1 Tallarn special weapons squad (meltas and grenade launchers)
1 lascannon team

All helpful input would be greatly appreciated...


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