Starting a Space Wolves army for a noob.

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Starting a Space Wolves army for a noob.

Postby Schnedicles » Mon Jun 26, 2017 11:02 am

Hi everyone I'm new to both the forum and Warhammer*.

*I used to collect Warhammer; 40K, fantasy and LOTR when I was young but only to build and paint casually and I didn't have a specific army but no longer have any of my collection.

I have been planning on getting back into it, to both model and play and I'm trying to plan what I will start with so that I can get some of the basics around Christmas time.

I was looking at the start collecting boxes as they seem good value. I did see a box which doesn't appear to be available in the UK anymore unless bought on ebay for a higher price which is the "Battleforce: Space Wolves Ironclaw Strike Force" which seemed great value for money at RRP so it's a shame it seems to be over priced now.

I know I will need to get the rule book and codex and will probably just start with the start collecting box but does anyone know of any other good value box sets that would be worth looking at or have any advice starting out with this particular army?

thanks in advance.

Critical Mick
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Re: Starting a Space Wolves army for a noob.

Postby Critical Mick » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:35 am

There's the skyhammer set which gives you 10 space wolves and a drop pod. GW price for that is £32.50, a discount of about 25% on buying them separately, and if you buy online you can find it for about £25.

Also you don't have to buy Space Wolf specific boxes, you could buy ordinary Space Marines and paint them up as SW. So you could get the start collecting Space Marine box, sell or trade the terminator captain (assuming you don't want to keep him) and you'd have another 10 marines and a venerable dreadnought.

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