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8th Ed Queries, Supplements & SM

Postby Smith Kappa » Wed Jun 07, 2017 3:38 pm

Good evening,

I'm new to the forums and like all of you I am going to be new to 8th Edition. I like to be competitive on a casual level, if that makes sense. I have a few concerns and queries about my army in particular. I collect Space Marines heavily based on the 'Sentinels of Terra' supplement codex as well as being a drop pod assault themed army.

To begin with my two main concerns are Sgt Garadon and drop pods. Sgt Garadon is my HQ of choice throughout 7th edition, he is a character upgraded from a tactical squad sergeant for a total of 75 points making the squad a HQ choice. He has the rule set of a captain and can take no additional upgrades, his wargear is simply a special bolt pistol that ignores cover called the 'spartein', a standard power fist and of-course an iron halo. He isn't in the index's or codex's for 8th edition, yet various youtubers have promised that supplements will come within the year. With the new rules to do with special characters not being able to join units? I'm not certain I will ever get my Sgt Garadon back, can any shed some light or education for me here?

Secondly and possibly my largest concern being drop pods tripling in point cost. I currently have 7 drop pods in my 2000 odd 7th edition point list, all together I have my captain as above, 6 tactical squadrons and 3 devastator squadrons with a aegis defence line. With money always a large deciding factor when it comes to warhammer I don't want to have to replace my army, my main question being can i play this army at a casually competitive level or am I going to loose a lot more games?

Chapter Tactics + Supplement benefits
My Devastators before had a special rule known as tank hunter allowing me to re-roll wounds if they did not penetrate. Also my army was built to accommodate the boltor drill from my chapter tactics. Neither of these are in 8th edition as far as I know. Though my devastators will be able to split fire now making them more powerful, loosing these two rules has really broke the spirit of my army and my own. Again various youtubers are convinced we will get chapter tactics and supplements within the following year, what do you think?

To summarize;
So far from what I have gathered specifically about my army isn't looking good. The point trade off with drop pods, loosing my chapter rules and the daunting concern of having to replace my HQ has puts me off the new edition. Not only this but there is icing on the cake, I have a really bad feeling Primaris Marines are going to replace the Space Marines completely and sadly the fluff behind it could have been better.

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Re: 8th Ed Queries, Supplements & SM

Postby oshin10 » Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:59 am

A general way tp understand all the supplements, is that a lot are extra add-ons to other forces. In 40k now you can sort of mix and match based on the Allies chart, so one Imperial army might have a Space Marine detachment, an Inquisition Detachment, a Guard Formation AND a Mechanicum Formation. As one legal army.

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