New Edition Updates

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New Edition Updates

Postby SainHann » Thu Apr 27, 2017 2:55 am

Well GW looks to be putting out small updates about the new 40K Edition that is coming.

First Stat Lines ... -profiles/

Initiative is gone

Also Movement will be no longer be 6" for everyone though it is still the standard movement for Space Marines.

Also 10 is no longer the max number and wounds could get up to 20 or more for certain vehicles.

Weapons ... 0-weapons/

Looks like most standard weapons will have no save modifier and the hard hitting Las Cannon will be a -3 save. So Marines will get a save of 6+ against it as will Terminators on a 5+.

Flamers when use in a mass formation (I.E. Ork Burner Boyz) will be painful.

Tomorrow will bring another update, not sure on what but so far this Edition is looking far better than the last several Editions.

Oh and yes Las Guns will be able to wound a Land Raider but only on a 6+ and the possible that the Land Raider might have a save. But it will take a lot of Las Guns to kill a Land Raider so don't waste those shots except if the Land Raider only has like 1-2 wounds left on it.

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