40k End times anyone heard any rumours?

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40k End times anyone heard any rumours?

Postby runningmonkey » Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:41 pm

Iv heard a few rumour's in reference to 40k end times and the fact that its coming our way similar to what happen to Fantasy.

Has anyone heard of anything?
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Re: 40k End times anyone heard any rumours?

Postby Squidmaster » Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:45 pm

I roll my eyes.
I've seen a fair few people talking about this, and it all comes from the new Cure of the Wulfen book.
It talks about the Wulfen having chased the Chaos Marines into the Eye of terror, and only emerging for the End Times. However this bit of fluff isn't new. It was first mentioned along with the Wulfen's first appearance during the Eye Of Terror campaign back in 2003 (not the "End Times" by name, but the idea that the 13th Company would only reemerge for the final battles against Chaos).
I think it was the fifth, maybe sixth edition 40k rulebook that first made mention of the "Time of Ending", and there was another reference to the Golden Throne failing which might also have used the term "End Times".
Technically speaking, based on the fluff of the 40k universe from the past fifteen years or so, ALL of 40k is the "End Times". The entire 41st millennium.

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