Template weapons and the snapshots Question

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Template weapons and the snapshots Question

Postby runningmonkey » Mon Nov 23, 2015 1:58 pm

This popped up in a game last night and no one knew the correct answer?

My physic cast invisibility on a squad of chaos space marine (meaning only snap shot can be fired at the unit) They then got target by a land raider with a special flamer (AP3 one). As the flamer was a template weapon and therefore can not fire a snap shot, I said that it could not target the CSM sqaud. However they said it could be done but by using the power of the machine spirit? We was unsure on the rule so in the end decided to let the LR could flame the CSM killing 6. What the correct ruling on this?
Could POMS be use to get round the invisibility rule?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Template weapons and the snapshots Question

Postby scalebug » Mon Nov 23, 2015 8:03 pm

Nah, your opponent was reading a little to much into "the vehicle can fire one more weapon at its full Ballistic Skill than normally permitted", it has no effect on allowing Blast or templates firing snapshots.

It is still a snapshot to shoot at "Invisible" targets, though in this case it is done at full BS, by the letter of the rule (which isn't a unique occurence, a handfull of other situations calls for Snapshots at other BS than 1 as well, there may be other effects like no precision shots and such, but not here in any case), even if to be fair I think that the clause really is there to point out that it is not like it was in older edtions of the game that the Machine Spirit had BS 2.

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