Begginer space marine list

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Begginer space marine list

Postby sindri » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:20 pm

My friend is getting rid of his space marines army, so i bought some units from him for very cheap. The list is as follows:

10 x Intercessor squad
5 x Hellblaster squad
10 x Tactical Squad
5 x homemade Devastator Squad (2 Tacticals with Heavy Bolter, 2 with lascannons, sergeant with pistol and chainsaw)
5 x Assault Terminators (with shields and hammers)
5 x Terminators (1 with assault cannon)
3 x Inceptors
2 x Leutanants
1 x Captain in gravis armor
1 x Chaplain in terminator armor

How would you go from there? Keep in mind it is my first wh40k army. I played one small game since i got them against my Necron friend. I fielded 10 x Tacticals, 5 x Assault Termies and Chaplain against hist 10 x Warriors, Necron Lord and C'tan Nightbringer, who totaly wrecked me. This Necron player is someone i will play with most often so i need army that could deal with him.

Some of the models are painted in Ultramarines scheme, so I think I will go with Ultramarines as my chapter. I like the idea of mostly shooting army with some elite melee units for precise attacks. I need some ideas for listing solid army of 1000 points.

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