Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Now live on KS

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Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Now live on KS

Postby redben » Tue Nov 01, 2016 12:01 pm

EDIT: The campaign is now live - ... ero_thanks

Mythic Games and Monolith are launching a Kickstarter campaign today (7pm UK time, 3pm EST) for Mythic Battles: Pantheon, which is a miniatures boardgame based on Greek mythology. In it, the titans have been released from Tartarus by Hera who has finally gotten sick of Zeus and his wandering eye, resulting in a second war between the gods and titans. Whilst the titans are again defeated, the titanic struggle (literally lol) between them broke the divine power of the gods and scattered it across the land, which in turn has been devastated by the conflict. With no-one left to guard Tartarus or Hades, all of the dead monsters and heroes have returned also. In the game, you draft a force consisting of a god plus some heroes and monsters from Greek mythology (and some from history in the former case) to do battle over the scattered remnants of the divine power, known as Omphalos in the game. You win either by killing the opposing god or collecting four of the seven Omphaloi on the board. You can play it 2-4 player in head-to-head battles, four player in two teams of two, or play through special scenarios.

Mythic Games have taken the game out and about to run a lot of demos in the last year or so, and through that I recently had a chance to play it. I had no expectations of it but was blown away and have been eagerly awaiting the KS since. I'm posting this for selfish reasons as I want as many people to back as possible so we all get more stuff lol. The game is played with 32mm minis. They come pre-assembled and are cast in PVC with spears and other similar parts cast in hard plastic so they don't bend, and are sculpted by the likes of Yannick Hennebo, Stephane Simon, and Aragorn Marks. Stefan Kopinski has provided lots of gorgeous artwork for it too.

There's a trailer video here - ...

An interview with Leo from Mythic Games which shows off the minis and artwork and discusses the gameplay and background here (begins around 27 minutes in) -

A full playthrough here -

And the website is here -

Just briefly on Monolith's involvement and the Conan KS. Mythic Battles: Pantheon was ready to go to KS a while ago, but Mythic Games and Monolith decided to hold it off until Monolith could start to fulfill the Conan KS campaign, so as not to create any ill will with the Conan backers. It isn't delaying fulfillment of Conan, and nor should it have the delays Conan has had as a lot of the content is already done. The entirety of the core box minis are pretty much done plus some more, they just need some tweaks here and there in the tooling, all the artwork is done, and the gameplay is done too so it won't have any of the rulebook issues Conan is having.

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Re: Mythic Battles: Pantheon - Now live on KS

Postby redben » Wed Nov 02, 2016 11:11 pm

A little over day into the campaign and the stretch goals unlocked so far are -

The list of unlocked stretch goals so far is -

KS exclusive Dice bag
3x KS exclusive additional Hell Hounds in an alt sculpt to add to the six in the core box
5x plastic columns to replace the card ones
5x broken columns
A KS exclusive unit of 4x Infernal Artillerymen
A KS exclusive unit of 6x Toxotai
A unit of 5x Giant Spiders
KS exclusive Nemean Lion

Hermes is less than $2000 away from being unlocked, the Argonauts are after that, and the first paid add-on has been revealed in the KS exclusive Hell Judges. ... escription

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