Horizon Wars on Madaxeman.com!

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Horizon Wars on Madaxeman.com!

Postby madaxeman » Sun Oct 09, 2016 9:15 pm

Horizon Wars finally makes it only Madaxeman.com as the secret post-hoc justification for all of the mad mini-mechs and stuff that have been creeping, scuttling and hovering onto my website in recent months with no previously apparent purpose.


As classic wargamers our first on-table test of the rules involved bespoke terrain, and far too many figures and pieces to be sensible - but hey, what's a tentacle between friends eh?

The resulting 1-page match report features hordes of pictures, legions of inappropriate video clips, some rules hints and a little bit of a glowing review at the end (and a glowing nuclear reactor in the middle too). It also features snippets of my own made-up back-story embedded throughout the report.


See how the battle-bots and original (now worth One Million Dollars or more on evilBay) (probably) do in the first of what should be several more outings for the SF world of Horizon Wars, The Beginning!

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