Advanced Space Crusade and Space Crusade!

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Advanced Space Crusade and Space Crusade!

Postby INGZI » Wed Jun 29, 2016 12:11 pm


So I bought both of these games recently. I had them both as a kid but only really played the normal version as by the time I'd worked out the rules for the Adv version I'd moved on to warhammer (plus I then realised you actually needed a load more models to play it properly).

Anyway, I'll be playing these this weekend and wondered if any of you would please share your thoughts on the following:

Normal Space Crusade:
The points/campaign system seems a little unbalanced especially if you are only playing with one set of marines.
There are a few combos that seem a little over-powered (powerfist/force sword/meltabomb for example) would you disallow any?
Are there any house rules /restrictions you would used to enhance the game (I like the fact that it is simple!!)?

I've never played this but really like the idea of the reaction rules and the setting and I've always wanted a game plus am quite excited so please don't tell me it's rubbish and flawed!!!

Could you clarify the Grabber Slasher attack rule please? - It says you only get 1d12 on the first jumping CC this right? Normally it gets 2d12 plus a modifier of 5 I think. Surely it will just die when it jumps in and not get to use it's good CC ability...

Any thoughts for tactics to use for the tyranid player? Which units are the best performers in general? I'm currently going for 10 nid blips, 6 GS hybrids blips, 2 ork squads and 2 chaos marine squad. I was thinking of putting mind slaves in the ambush boxes...

Also, any thoughts on the optimum number of characters to use in two player Heroquest?

Thanks for you help.

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