Biohazard Skirmish Tabletop Game

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Biohazard Skirmish Tabletop Game

Postby yourwellpaintedarmy » Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:36 am

Hey guys!

I would like to present Biohazard Game, an upcoming tabletop miniature skirmish, set in modern post-apocalyptic world, where survivors (represented by miniatures) fight each other for any scraps of our civilization they can find.

We plan to release the game in coming months, but we know many of our friends cant wait already! To make the wait easier and more fun, we decided to start fanpage on facebook (

We are going to post something new at least once a week and trust us, we have LOADS of stuff to show you!

I will be happy to answer Your questions about this game :)


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