V4 going forward, meeting with bf

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V4 going forward, meeting with bf

Postby stevec » Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:39 am

Conversation with Pete Simunivich.

Hi guys

As I stated before Pete the owner of bf wanted to talk v4 with me. I have just spent a very fruitful and positive hour talking with Pete. Some things we disagreed on others we did....hopefully the more important things.

I am going to give you an update later as I must get to work. Please keep an open mind as things imo will be for the better.



Ps more to follow.

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Re: V4 going forward, meeting with bf

Postby stevec » Thu Aug 24, 2017 2:53 pm

PS conversation with myself regarding V4 & BF.

So today as I mentioned I had a long and I believe fruitful conversation with Pete Simunovich the owner of BF.

Firstly I would like to thank BF for reaching out to the community whether we/you like what they do or not. BF do understand that there is disquiet amongst their customers.

Pete rang me at 8am Uk time and we spent about an hour talking FoW. I beleive we got to know each other a little and that maybe on both parts understand that we both want whats best for the hobby, FoW.

I explained a number of issues and from both sides we were able to be frank and open and I hope helpful to each other.

So firstly to any of you who may expect a rules re-write that is not going to happen however changes will happen. I also agree with BF that expecting a full re-write is really unreasonable.

So what did we discuss?

We discussed certain things which are going to be changed very soon such as:-

Large Units

These things are in need of some TLC so expect a change on these very soon.

I also brought the subject up of army lists being incorrectly priced for EW/LW. This was at first a tough thing for us to discuss with both of us having a position. I understand that BF have only a limited number of staff and to reprice the points of each list in the old V3 books maybe asking too much, however I pointed out that when we design lists now there are some lists which pay for teams which they now do not get in the army eg commanders of guns staff teams etc etc
This I feel is very important as some lists will not be disadvantaged by this and others will be. Pete has agreed for this to be looked at and that hopefully a document with a list of if you have X in a unit you get Y discount off of that unit price. This I feel is a huge step. There is also hopefully going to be a look at the cost of recce units in this period.

There will be a look at putting something in the rules for a victory which has been won in one turn, see the new missions VCs.

We discussed keeping LFTF updated regularly and they will see what they can do however being a small company this maybe difficult.

Pete also admited that in hindsight that MW would have been better served if a forces style book would have been released and then the specialist books released thereafter. I do feel sorry for the guys here we all make mistakes and something like that is hard to go back on.

On the MW side there will be alot more colour and depth going forward but dont always expect to have the silly units in there which never see light of day, this is hard on BF both as a manufacturer and supplier.

Pete has asked me to send him an email about a couple of things which I will do.

What I will say is they are trying to make swift progress on this so lets give them the benefit of the doubt just for a little longer. Any of you who have burning desires of something which is bugging you please do not hesiatate to contact me politely.

So once again thank you BF, Pete and all the staff there we hope you do succeed.

Kind regards

Steve Charlton

PS any questions I will try and answer, but remember I do not work for BF & not all of us will be satisfied.

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Re: V4 going forward, meeting with bf

Postby Lynx » Fri Aug 25, 2017 7:47 am

Hi Steve,

Thanks a lot for this summary about your talk with Pete. I personnaly have no doubt about the real interesst you put in that talk toward FoW and the ETC.

Hope we'll see those changes soon. That been said we now need to take a closer look on how to match the ETC with the "new" FoW (v4).

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