Battlefield Birmingham 12 21st+22nd Oct

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Battlefield Birmingham 12 21st+22nd Oct

Postby harrytheschmuck » Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:23 pm

Hello and welcome to Battlefield Birmingham 12. This is a singles/ Team event that will be taking place on the 21st & 22nd October 2017. For those who have not attended a Battlefield Birmingham event, this will be a Warhammer 40,000 tournament where you will play 5 games over the weekend for the title of Battlefield Birmingham champion!

Although this is a fully fledged tournament with prizes up for grabs etc. Battlefield Birmingham has a reputation for being one of the more relaxed style tournaments on the scene and we encourage everyone to adopt a calm and friendly demeanour. So don’t let the term 'tournament' put you off by any means.

The event will comprise 5 games, 3 games on the Saturday and 2 games on the Sunday, lasting 3 hours each.

Players will be drawn randomly for the first round with a ‘Swiss system’ being used to determine pairings for rounds 2-5. Games will be played with Warhammer 40,000 8th Ed rule book with armies of 2000 points.

Rules pack : ... 2.pdf?dl=0
Facebook event page: ... _tab=about
Date: 21st & 22nd October 2017

The Cadbury Club,
Bournville Lane,
B30 2LU.
(Sat Nav: B30 2HP)

Tickets are now on sale:
Payments of £28 can be made via paypal to

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Most Sporting, Best Pinted, Best Team, Last Place, Most Fluffy Army, Best In Faction as well as spot prizes throughout the weekend.

-Green Stuff World
-Phoenix Games Stourbridge ... 5438164890
-Mantic Games
-Deep-cut Studio
-Element Games

There will be a maximum of 80 places for this event. We can reserve places but payments take priority.
1.Ben Evans (Paid)
2.Max Barton
3.Rob Madley (Paid)
4.Malcolm Price
5.Gaz Donnelly
6.Jon Farrell (Paid)
7.Brett Armitage (Paid)
8.James Bessey (Paid)
9.Tess Yoxall
10.Michael Woolley
11.James Griffin
13.James Heap (Paid)
14.Nick Harper
15.Christian Moore
16.John Kirby
17.Daniel Wright
18.George White (Paid)
19.Jon Rollinson (Most Sporting BB11 Free Entry)
20.Neil Douglas
21.Jonathan Taff Jones (Paid)
22.Mark Wray (Paid)
23.Mick Miller
24.Alasdair Mccabe
25.Peter Melton
26.Gareth Jones
27.Julian Bradley (Paid)
28.Alex P-Smith
29.Peter Bunce
30.Liam Connolly (Paid)
31.Dan Moody (Paid)
32.Dan Strong
33.James Farmer
34.Charles Spence (Paid)
35.Ray Duggins (Paid)
36.Brett Dawson (Paid)
37.Mike Foulks
38.Neil Gibbons (Paid)
39.Mark Gebhard
40.Scott Warren (Paid)
41.Mark Mercer
42.Konrad Bartkiewicz (Paid)
43.Colm McCarthy
44.Roger Barnett (Paid)
45.Nav Hussain
46.Liam Wordsworth (Paid)
47.Scott Milne
48.Angus Stewart
49.Richard Simms (Paid)
50.Adam Rodgers (Paid)
50.Adam Rodgers (Paid)
51.Tom Longdon
52.Jordan Toner
53.Maciej C-Cieminski (Paid)
54.Marcin Witczak (Paid)
55.Tom Merrick
56.Dawid Szmyt (Paid)
57.Nick Atkins
58.Michael Bolton (Paid)
59.Adam Chidlow
60.Matt Smith
61.Paul Britton (Paid)
62.Vincent Chan (Paid)
63.Dan Bates
64.Mani Cheesema
65.Miles Tamplin (Paid)
66.Chris Green (Paid)
67.Simon Edwards
68.Russell Preece (Paid)
69.Simon Priddis (Paid)
70.Richard Morgan
71.Sam Bliss (Paid)
72.Adam Johnson (Paid)
73.Ben Wykes (Paid)
74.Kevin Hughes
75.Sadhvik Vijay (Paid)
76.Joshua Richards
77.Jonathan Leary
78.Bhavesh Mistry
79.Karl Bickley
80.Adam Bickley
81.Matt Bickley
82.Thomas Morgan (Paid)
83.Thomas Slade
84.Ian Hammond
85.Kris Robertson
86.Jon Warmington
87.Chris Dickinson (Paid)
88.Paul Croghan (Paid)
89.Steve Almond (Paid)
90.Thomas Lawler (Paid)

Although the event looks like it is now currently full don't be fooled. If you pay for a ticket you WILL get a spot!

1.Maciej C-Cieminski,Marcin Witczak,Tom Merrick,Dawid Szmyt.
2.Feral Herts - Roger Barnett, Liam Wordsworth, Liam Connolly.

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