Brighton team tournament, 7/8 May

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Brighton team tournament, 7/8 May

Postby kyle » Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:09 am

Brighton Warlords are running a team tournament on 7th-8th May. The tournament will be held at Ye Olde King and Queen Pub, 13-17 Marlborough Pl, Brighton, BN1 1UB.

Teams are composed of 4 players, each with an army of 1500 points. Your army must follow the ‘bound’ method from the BRB and may include as many detachments as you like. However, the same faction cannot appear in more than one person’s list. There is also a 500 point limit on Lords of War (you may include multiple, but no one may be over 500). Forgeworld is allowed.

There will be six games, three Eternal War and three Maelstrom. Each game is 2h30m.

The price is £10 per player (£40 per team).

For those that haven’t played a team event before, they are great fun and offer a different twist on approaching the game.

For further information see the Facebook link below and direct your questions to Pete Cooke.

Thanks, Kyle.

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