Metal MAlifaux for!

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Metal MAlifaux for!

Postby Barundin Thunderhammer » Tue May 06, 2014 9:46 am

Ok, Had a bit of a clear out and I have the following minis for sale. They are the older metal Minis from 1st edition Malifaux.
All are Unpainted and Unassembled where needed.

Prefer paypal, and would prefer UK buyers.

Thanks for Looking, PM me if interested!

Lady Justice (original, no base) £2 UNDER OFFER
Lady Justice (Alternate) £2 UNDER OFFER
Kaeris (Wings have snapped, sure a skilled modeller could fix!) £1 UNDER OFFER
Death Marshals set 1 (bases) £2 each, £5 for 3 UNDER OFFER
Death Marshals set 2 (no bases) £2 each, £5 for 3 UNDER OFFER
Mobile Toolkit totem £2
Governor's Proxy totem £2 UNDER OFFER
Scales of Justice totem £2 UNDER OFFER
Ronin (no bases) £2 each, £5 for 3
Taelor (no base) £2
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Re: Metal MAlifaux for!

Postby harvey » Sat Aug 15, 2015 12:22 am

just found the site and just starting malifaux
are any of your models still for sale ?

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