Market section rules and tips for good trading

If you're buying or selling, this is the place for you. New members are not allowed to post their items for sale in this forum. You have been warned!

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Market section rules and tips for good trading

Postby Gorbad Ironclaw » Sun Jun 13, 2004 3:18 pm

This section of The Warhammer Forum is exactly as the title suggests, a place for you to buy and sell your goods.

The Warhammer Forum is only providing a place for you to trade, we will under no circumstances enter into any negotiation arising from problems encountered while using the market place. Consequently sellers and buyers alike have to be perfectly happy with the terms and conditions of any trade they enter into as The Warhammer Forum will not be held responsible for unhappy customers or poorly described goods.

As ever there are some important guidelines everyone should be aware of before attempting to buy or sell anything whatsoever.

Endeavour to be honest at all times when describing your goods. If it is genuinely professionally painted then that’s fine but be realistic.

It’s important with items commonly traded in Warhammer circles that you have good quality pictures when necessary to support your description. Any links to ‘pictures of items similar to the ones for sale’ are clearly stated as such.

When selling items make sure you put in a starting price and state whether or not you are prepared to haggle or swap said items.

If someone attempts to sell an item which you think is clearly over priced then do this ‘precisely nothing’.

Members signing up only to sell items will have their posts deleted and trading straight away is not allowed

To add to the above, unless you have a good couple of months contributory posting history on the forums your posts here will be deleted without prior warning.

I will regularly delete any posts that have not been active for 30 days.

Finally, please state clearly what country you live in and where you are prepared to send your goods and of course state how much you will be charging on top of the asking price for postage (and packing).

Remember Caveat Emptor.

Below I have posted a lsit of tips to help make your trades smoother and easier , enjoy

Tips for good trading

1.Maintain good, honest and prompt communication between each other

2. Set an agreed timeline for the transaction to complete. Obviously you can't always predict the unexpected happening, but you should be upfront on when you're expecting to post the item. Be prepared to offer a refund if you can't stick to this.

3. Always be honest , if you're having a delay in posting let the buyer know.

4.Unless items are mint on the sprue/in the box, photo's are a great benefit to show just what 's on offer/you're buying. Also make sure the photos are good representations of what your selling, i.e. no taking a photo from one side because the other side is damaged.

5. Items are packed so as not to be damaged when they arrive and are dispatched within a reasonable amount of time.

6. Take the time to leave some honest feedback when the trade is complete

7. Recorded delivery is your friend. Its only 77p extra and provides both parties with piece of mind and a viable proof of posting. This also offers a degree of safety against the royal mails stupidity.

8. For larger trades like full armies extra insurance from couriers is worth looking at , would you like to post a £200 army and only be covered for £50 if it goes missing?

9.take the time to send sellers an email letting them know the items you've purchased have arrived.

10. Provide alternative contact details i.e. email address and mobile numbers. This is especially helpful if you are off forum for long periods of time.

11. Sending money via PayPal gift leaves you no safety and should be avoided.

12. If you are a new member be prepared to either send items first or build up your reputation as a good trader with some smaller trades.

13. If a deal seems too good to be true then it probably is

14. Don't be afraid to ask for advice , we have a lot of great members and a great moderation team who are more than willing to help you if you're stuck with something.

15. Painting is subjective , if you are buying painted items always try and get pictures.

16. a persons post count, feedback or forum standing should not exempt them from any of usual steps.People are fickle and even myself as a moderator could rip someone off if I was that way inclined , don't leave yourself open.

These rules and tips are a guideline only , responsibilty for trades lies with the members making them. TWF and its mods are not responsible for any deals made.

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