Sell armies of kislev,wodg daemon of pestilence chaos dwarfs and dwarfs

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Sell armies of kislev,wodg daemon of pestilence chaos dwarfs and dwarfs

Postby ragnaros » Mon Nov 27, 2017 11:48 am

Shipping with national / international courier parcel
Beneficial prices for both ready to play!
Private photos if you send mail to pm

Warriors of the Old Gods
Army ispired to blood god
the army includes:
Lord on dragon​ (modified on terrogheist)
Archaon on mount​
Archaon on foot (unpainted)
Lord on mount​
Lord is a juggernaut
2 sorcerers on foot, 1 on disc, 3 total
Bsb​ is a juggernaut
30 warriors of blood god, starter set aos, all warriors
8 trolls​ of chaos, metal
45 marauders of slaanesh​, all modified troop with pleasure altars and slaanesh​ throne with slaanesh​ leader at the center of the troop
6 juggernaut
2 blood chariot​ / engine of old gods, modified to skull cannon​ and korgorath
30 marauders of khorne​, starter set aos

Boris ursus
lord on [lexicon]horse[/lexicon]
[lexicon]BSB[/lexicon] on [lexicon]horse[/lexicon]
zarina caterina
3 [lexicon]mage[/lexicon]
15 [lexicon]rangers[/lexicon]
20 horsemen
10 ursus,modified on boris ursus for the mounstrous [lexicon]cavalry[/lexicon]
3 [lexicon]cannon[/lexicon]

Demons of the Pestilence

Great unclean one, forgeworld
the glottkin, plague hulk
3 herald on palanquin​
3 herald on foot, 1 bsb​
40 plaguebearers
12 beasts of nurgle​
10 nurgle​ plague drones
4 swarms of nurglings
10 chaos furies​ of pestilence

[lexicon]Thane[/lexicon] [lexicon]BSB[/lexicon]
[lexicon]engineer[/lexicon] x2
40 warrior with [lexicon]shield[/lexicon]
20 thunderers
30 hammerers
30 longbeads
2 [lexicon]cannon[/lexicon]
2 [lexicon]organ gun[/lexicon]
1 grudge throwers
20 iron drakes
10 [lexicon]rangers[/lexicon]
6 golem

chaos dwarfs
profeth on taurus, scibor
Lord is taurus, scibor
3 mages
1 bsb​
2 great hobgoblin on wolf​, modified
40 chaos dwarfs forgeworld
40 goblins​ slave​
3 warmachines, magma rocket, modified
10 kadim fireborn​
kadim destroyer, modified

for photos I expect in Pm

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