H:Blood angels, Tyranids, High Elves, Vampire counts, Codex, Cards W:Paypal

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H:Blood angels, Tyranids, High Elves, Vampire counts, Codex, Cards W:Paypal

Postby bilpapnonos » Sat Nov 18, 2017 8:17 am

Up for sale I have all these
Greece based
Pm me your email for pics

-Blood Angels-
Dante Kit bashed 7 Euro
Sanguinary priest kit bashed 7 Euro
Sanguinary priest jump pack kit bashed 10 Euro
Furioso dreadnought 23 Euro
Dreadnought 23 Euro
Term librarian 13 Euro
Death Company Dreadnought 23 Euro
5 Bikes (2 grav-combi grav) 25 Euro
15 Sternguard (3 combi plasma, 2 plasma gun, 2 melta gun 2 combi melta, 4 combi grav, 2 grav guns) 18 Euro per 5
2x5 tactical heavy flamer each 13 Euro per 5
5 devastators heavy bolter 2 plasma cannon multimelta 18 Euro

1 Hive tyrant unpainted magnetised (all weapon options) -20 pounds-
Lictor metal -10 pounds-
Tervigon unpainted (chapter house upgrade kit) magnetised weapons -25 pounds-

-Vampire counts army-
Manfred mounted basecoated 15 pounds
Manfred End times unpainted 5 pounds (rider only)
3 Cairn wraith well painted 15 pounds each
Tomb banshee pro painted 15 pounds
3 necromancers pro painted 15 pounds each
1 vampire mounted pro painted(mount unpainted) 15 pounds
10 dire wolves (7 well painted) 25 pounds
4 fell bats metal well painted 25 pounds
6 hexwraiths well painted 15 pounds
3 spirit hosts well painted 15 pounds

-High Elves-
Mage on steed painted 12 pounds
Battle Standard Bearer painted 10 pounds
Battle Standard Bearer on steed primed black 10 pounds
Lord on steed unpainted 10 pounds

Vampire counts -14 pounds-
Chaos Space Marines -14 pounds-
Black Legion -12 pounds-
Adeptus Custodes -10 pounds-
40k small rulebook -5 pounds-

Psychic powers and mission cards
7 pounds each, 10 pounds for the generic ones
Dark Angels
Chaos Space Marines
Khorne Daemonkin
Tactical objectives

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