Various Fantasy/40k for sale. W: Paypal

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Various Fantasy/40k for sale. W: Paypal

Postby huitzilopochtli » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:34 pm

I have the following for sale, please see pictures for more details.: ... for%20sale

Prices are given in [ ], all 40k items at about 40%+ off. Buyer pays postage – I am shipping from Ireland. Larger deals may require tracked postage. Open to offers, especially on multiple buys. Any questions please ask.


Necrotect - resin, BNIB [€25]
Tomb Prince Apophis – resin, BNIB [€25]
Waywatchers – metal, BNIB [€25]
Alith Anar – metal, BNIB [€25]
White Dwarf Vampire Hunter – resin, BNIB [€20]

Space Marines
5 Space Marine scouts with sniper rifles, NOS [€14]
Logan Grimnar, metal, stripped [€10]
Azrael, chapter master of the dark angels – metal, unmade [€14}

Skitarii ranger/vanguard box – NOS [€18]

Dark Eldar
3 Reaver bikes – assembled, unpainted (riders and stands are not glued to bikes) [€14]
10 Kabalite warriors, 1 with shredder, 1 with splinter cannon – assembled, unpainted (not stuck to bases) [€11]
4 Kabalite Trueborn with blasters (conversions) – as seen [€6]
10 Wyches – NOS, some parts missing but enough bodies to make 10 wyches (may be short a head or two) [€11]
1 Raider – Cut from sprue, extra pieces (guys on top/chains, etc.) missing but might have some on sprue. One piece is damaged but shouldn’t affect construction. Includes flying base [€12]

Other Xenos
2 Ork Flyers – NOS (not the Wazbomb variant) [€30 each]

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Re: Various Fantasy/40k for sale. W: Paypal

Postby Ahriman » Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:08 am


Is the Tomb prince Apophis still availlable?
And are you willing to schip to belgium?

I would-be like to buy since its the online model im misging arm in me Tomb king collection.


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