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Re: Spites Painting Blog - The Dwarfs Return

Postby Spite » Wed Feb 14, 2018 9:36 am

It's been a month since my last update, so I thought it best that I give a few more pics. Painting has been slow going as 40K has taken a forefront this month, Cadians are on my painting desk as well as the Dwarfs (come to think of it Space Marines and Heresy Marines too) so the Dwarfs have been shifted to the side a little. I'm still working on the Long Drongs as a unit however and I've done a few more, so I'll show them, I'm still hoping to finish the unit by the end of the month.

Long Drongs Slayer Pirates:

[img width=750 height=409]https://i.imgur.com/ihirERw.jpg?1[/img]

The list to paint is still long and arduous and I'm still buying miniatures, I'll likely have some pickups to show next time I post.

My list currently to paint:

Doomseekers x4
Crossbowmen x10
Warriors x20 w/ Hand Weapon and Shields
Thunderers x12 inc. Command
Miners x10

War Machines:

Anvil of Doom
Malakai Makaiissons Goblin Hewer
Organ Gun


Battle Standard Bearer (8th Edition)
King Alrik Ranulfsson on Shieldbearers

To Buy:

Rangers x20 (6th Edition)
Longbeards x20 (6th Edition)
Thorgrim Grudgebearer on Throne (8th Edition)
Cannon x2 (6th Edition)
Grudge Thrower (8th Edition)


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