Hobbit SBG - Galdhrim Knights v Umbar

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Hobbit SBG - Galdhrim Knights v Umbar

Postby leonardis » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:25 pm

With just over a week until our Great British Hobbit League tourney event here in East Grinstead, Joe came over to club to show me how the Warganation scenario works - Sam played Tom on another table - this report is already online.

And so it was set, two armies meet for battle - but wait, "OH NO, WARG ATTACK!"...
..will the Umbar army dominate and destroy the elves, or will the Warg over run both armies. Galadhrim knights are often looked down on as not as good as... well other cavalry, BUT - I usually field what I like the look of, and I like the Galadhrim Knights. I steered away from bright gold, and opted for a muted brown/gold - I hope you like it as I love these figures now that they have been painted - so with everything to play for, who will win and win the day - Umbar, Galadhrim or warganation!

For the Full battle and loads of photos - please click below:


Hope you enjoy!

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