Hobbit SBG - Erebor v Harad

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Hobbit SBG - Erebor v Harad

Postby leonardis » Fri Sep 27, 2013 11:15 am

Sorry, there hasn't been a recent battle report - but there are a few on the blog

(link: http://www.eastgrinsteadwargamers.blogspot.co.uk/)

this next installment from East Grinstead Wargamers is the doubles match between Louis and I (Harad) vs Sam and Matt (Erebor & Easterlings (dont ask!)).

Click on the link below to view the latest battle report - and there are loads of others on the site!
http://www.eastgrinsteadwargamers.blogs ... arves.html


http://www.eastgrinsteadwargamers.blogs ... arves.html

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