Lord of the Rings Collection sale

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Lord of the Rings Collection sale

Postby Lt Alfred » Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:30 pm

I'm trying to get rid of a couple of old armies I don't use any more before I head back to university. Unless stated they're all painted and unmounted

Rohan £50 ONO

Theoden x2 (different models)
Aragorn x2 (different models)
Armoured Haldir
Gamilng x2 (different models. 1 with banner)
Armoured Elf Captain x2(different models)
Armoured Elf Banner
Rohan Banner
Rohan Captain
Outriders x2
Rohan Royal Guard x3
Rohan Warriors x54
Armoured Elf Bowmen x9
Armoured Elf Warrior x9

Isenguard £30 ONO

Uruk Captain x3 (different models)
Saruman the White
Grima Wormtongue
Uruk Shaman x2 (1 unpainted and still in case)
Uruk Banner
Bomb Squad x2
Ladder Squad x3
Feral Uruks x6 (1 unpainted but based)
Uruk Scouts x24
Beserkers x6
Uruk Warriors x20
Uruk Crossbows x12

Helm's Deep fortress £15 ONO
Citadel Miniature Cases £10 ea ONO

pictures in link: http://ljkobrien.tumblr.com/

Some of the Rohan plastic models have minor damages and the Uruk warriors and crossbows also have damage.
I'm open to negotiating price (to a realistic level) as the main reason I'm selling is to clear some living space.

Comment or PM for more info or offers. Thanks

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