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Warhammer Armies Project

Postby DiscoKing » Sun Nov 26, 2017 1:03 am


Has anyone seen this site? LINK

This one guy has made some amazing 9th Edition books (NB. not T9A)...

I personally think these books have way more character, fun & balance than anything the T9A teams have come up with.

But I may be biased, as I think T9A has become stale in it's constant appeasement to tournament players.

I'd be interested in other people's opinions on these books, & whether people would use them.


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Re: Warhammer Armies Project

Postby Vulcan » Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:08 pm

I like them a lot better than T9A as well. When the "Tournament Revolution" took all the flavor and fun out of T9A (right around the 1.2 rules) I had to walk away in disappointment.

Warhammer Armies has some issues too, but nowhere near as bad as either WFB 8th or T9A.

In my opinion the best 'NextHammer' project was Furion's Warhammer Revised and Revisited. It works wonderfully.... unless you play Skaven and/or Beastmen, since those are the only two armies he didn't finish. Sadly, he quit his own project to support T9A instead.

Sigh. :(
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