New to the warhammer universe, need advice on building a space marines army.

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New to the warhammer universe, need advice on building a space marines army.

Postby Ivanegg » Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:39 pm

I'd wager I'm not the first person to open with that post heading. Ceste la vie.

A few months ago now, and being a horrible insomniac who often stays up late staring at the ceiling and listening audiobooks , I stumbled upon Horus Rising and basically listened to that poop for like 6 hours straight. Since then I've become increasingly engrossed in the lore, and the 30/40k universe. I'm currently up to Legion in the book series and spend time investigating the various factions/chapters when I should be working. Much to my partner's vexation I've decided to start building an army of space marines because:
a)I don't care what she thinks anyway
b) Chaos is cheap, tyranids are cheap. Oh, oh so cheap. And orks are basically just an interstellar ringworm infection.
c) The Eldar are snooty jerkoffs
d) Necrons are badass but not my thing
e) I will not field space cows.
f) I really like the astartes armor/weaponry.And really the lore surrounding the empire is incredible.

I played world of warcraft for a long time, and what that taught me is that ultimately you're always better off playing what you like as opposed to what is flavor of the month/is OP. Everything gets hit with the Nerf bat at some point.

I'm thinking either blood angels, charcarodons or minotaurs. Something Melee heavy. Not interested in playing competitions, obviously. just want to build and paint my own force and end up with something that won't get facerolled at local events, which are a bit sparse in my area from what I can gather and games never top 2000 points. I'd like to build something reasonably competitive, at least.

I'm leaning towards the space sharks because....well, they're awesome, and I think I'll enjoy painting them. I'm only jut beginning to understand the rules, but I'm still bereft as to what ancillary weaponry ( tanks, mechs, flyers etc) they can field, as well as who they could feasibly ally with ( 8th rules) as I haven't been able to dig up much in way of specific rules for them other than Tyberos's tactics/chapter tactics. Any advice anybody can give me on where to start looking, or just what I should really be doing at this point will be greatly appreciated.


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Re: New to the warhammer universe, need advice on building a space marines army.

Postby Welshy » Wed Nov 29, 2017 11:06 pm

Hey Buddy,
You are better off putting this into the 40,000 part of the forum, this sub-forum is for the ghost of fantasy, rather than 40K.

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