Wizards of the Colleges of Magic

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Wizards of the Colleges of Magic

Postby EccentricCircle » Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:07 am

This is my first post. I've visited the forum on and off in the past, but now I have a question which some of you might be able to answer. I hope that this is in the right part of the forum.

My current warhammer painting project is a council of mages representing the different colleges and lores of magic. Over the last few months i've tracked down a few of the older figures, however the catalogues and collectors guides available online can only get me so far, so I want to ask people who have been collecting warhammer for longer, whether there are any good models which I might not have come across.

So far I've mainly been looking for the figures in the 2003 empire collectors guide. This lists eight styles of mage, each on foot and on horseback, which were the "classic range". I know that there was a plastic version of most of these types as part of the Talisman game. The collectors guide also has three types of wizard which were current in 2003.

There's then a bit of a large time jump between them, and the customisable plastic wizards which GW sell today. I didn't collect fantasy during that period, as I was mainly interested in the LOTR models at the time. So don't have a clear idea of what was released.

So I basically have three questions.
1) Was there ever a plastic Necromancer/Amethyst Wizard for Talisman, as all the other lores of magic seem to be represented but I can't find any evidence of Shyish?
2) When was the current plastic battle wizards set released, and were there any cool wizard figures between the ones in the 2003 collectors guide and then?
3) Are the 2003 wizards supposed to reflect specific colleges, or were they just three types of generic wizard who could be painted to fit any order (as the empire army book would seem to suggest)?

Any suggestions are welcome. I'd be interested to see how you folks have painted your mages, as i'm currently tinkering with colour schemes for mine!
Many thanks

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