Welsh Ninth Age ETC Application

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Welsh Ninth Age ETC Application

Postby DiscoKing » Sat Nov 19, 2016 2:19 am

For those players wishing to apply to be part of Team Wales for 2017 please submit an email to kieranshowell22@gmail.com, the deadline is November 27th at 23:59.

The email should contain the relevant information

Phone Number:
Do you have Whatsapp:
What size shirt do you need if you are successful? XS - 3XL:

Tell us a little more about you; your gaming experience, your drive, your motivation, if you have any Welsh family (yourself, parents, grandparents), what would be a successful ETC for you:

Tell us what armies you would like to play next year and how you see them fitting into the team dynamic . This can be between 1-3 armies, and you can go into as little or as much detail as you like:

We are looking to attend a fair few practice weekends and events leading up to the ETC, a selection of these may roughly be the below, please let us know you availability for each one where applicable and how many UK tournaments you are willing to attend between now and the ETC main event.

Germany tournament end of April:
Denmark tournament late June:
Etc main event early August:
UK tournaments
Practice weekends

If you don't make the ETC team, would you be interested in attending:
Practice weekends:
Foreign tournaments:
The ETC as a non playing coach:

Every year the ETC costs a lot of money to you as an individual, around £1500 for a full year. So make sure you can commit and afford it.

This is my first year at ETC and in true Welsh fashion we are going to have an epic time but at the same time I have no intentions of coming last. If you think you can master the art of playing manhammer, want a good holiday away while playing with toy soldiers and being competitive while doing so then team Wales is for you.
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