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Postby Oldschool » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:44 pm


I'm an old school ex WFB Masters player who quit when GW killed it with the sigmar kids game.

As a big complex strategy fan I thought I would let you guys know about a really cool online game which scratches that complex strategy itch.



Its FREE and available through Steam:


So what is is and why is it great:

Its a cross between Warhammer, Hearthstone and Chess.

Its an extremely customisable fantasy competitive turn based online battle game, players take it turn to place pieces on the board and try to destroy the opponents shrine.

It has everything, undead, greenskins, dwaves, elves, deamons, stitched, barbarians, constructs, lizardmen ... the list is almost endless.

Its collectable: There are thousands of runes you can use to customise 30 rune decks consisting of troops, spells, relics and equipment.

You can watch competitive online matches in real time (when you get into it its better than telly).

There is a competitive leader board.

You can deliberate for hours about how to build your deck much like you do when building a warhammer army.

Its not pay to win, you can acquire runes using the in game currency which you get from playing matches (although players can buy currency to acquire things faster should they wish).

Its easy to play but hard to master.

There is no cheating as its computerised.

It doesn't need a really high spec pc to run.


Its hella fun.

Your welcome. ;)

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