Have circle want to trade for protectorate

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Have circle want to trade for protectorate

Postby Maelstrom » Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:13 am

As the title says! I've gor a circle army that I'm wanting to swap for a protectorate. Let me know your offer

It's all built, mostly unbasecoated, some I have painted and if you're interested I will take some pics

Baldur 1
Kruger 1
Kaya 1

2x feral warp wolves
2x argus
1x gnarlhorn satyr
1x rotterhorn griffon
1x razerwing griffon
1x scarsfel griffon
2x wold guardian

Full Druid stonewold and woldstalkers
Full Druid of orboros
2x full shifting stones (and 1 ua)
Full than blood trackers (and ua)

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