UK Nationals info

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UK Nationals info

Postby LEJ » Thu Aug 06, 2015 1:59 pm

09:00-09:30: Registration
09:30-09:45: Player briefing & round 1 pairings announced
10:00-12:00: Round 1 Clocks must start by 10:00. Referees will start any clocks at this time, players ready or not.
12:00-13:00: LUNCH & round 2 pairings announced
13:15-15:15: Round 2 Clocks must start by 13:15
15:15-15:30: Round 3 pairings announced
15:30-17:45: Round 3 Clocks must start by 15:45
17:45-18:00: Round 4 pairings announced
18:00-20:00: Round 4 Clocks must start by 18:00
Round 5 Pairings overnight.

09:30-11:45: Round 5 Clocks must start by 09:45
12:00-13:00: LUNCH & Round 6 pairings announced
13:15-15:15: Round 6 Clocks must start by 13:15
15:00:15:15: Round 7 pairings announced
15:15-17:30: Round 7 Clocks must start by 15:30
17:30-18:00: Awards

As usual, if you and your opponent are ready before the start time you may start as soon as you are ready.
Referees will start chess clocks if you are not ready to begin at the stated time, if your opponent doesn't show up on time, call a referee over and they will start the clock on your opponents time.

Players should only pause the clock when requesting a judge call, you may not pause the clock for other reasons. Failure to keep the clock going on the correct players time can lead to warnings for both players.

Ask any more questions here!

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