Thanks for reopening the forum to new people

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Thanks for reopening the forum to new people

Postby GoldandGold » Wed Jun 14, 2017 4:01 am

Thanks for re-opening the forum to new people :)

I remember about a year ago just as the forum had been closed I was about to make a huge post of changes that I would make to warhammer fantasy if I owned it and if I had just created the account a few days before I could have made my post :P

Since then I have on and off worked on the changes and it is a bit bigger than before :D

I will make the post "soon" so check out the warhammer fantasy forum during the next week/s or so to see my changes.

I really like warhammer fantasy and I do not like that GW blew up the whole world.

About me

I have read maybe 50-60 warhammer novels if not more, have read many versions of the army books and rpg books and have many of them. I have also read the early version of unofficial stuff such as Mad Albers things and many other warhammer fantasy related things official and unofficial.

Personally I prefer the back story (fluff) of the 90s, the 5th edition and such.

From a gaming point of view I like the 6th edition tabletop rules.

Hopefully one day "soon" I will indeed have enough money to buy warhammer fantasy from GW or possibly from its future bankruptcy, all I would need is a "few 10s of millions of dollars and maybe even 100s so wont take that long :P

Then I would implement the changes that I want which will of course upset some people, make some people happy and make others still indifferent :)

One small hint of what type of warhammer world I imagine: it is close to how William King describes it in his warhammer books, that is the type of warhammer fantasy I would like to see with some modifications ;)

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Re: Thanks for reopening the forum to new people

Postby Bugman » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:16 pm

Glad to see you back! - The largest most informative Dwarf website in the old world, covering every dwarfers needs from forum to tactics, gallery and the infamous warhammer armies: Diaries!!!!
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