A new oldie

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A new oldie

Postby Wraith » Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:54 pm

Hi everyone,

I've joined today as I have gotten back into the hobby after 20+ years of being away.

I'm not looking to play the games, well not at the moment, but rather to paint the miniatures.

I will be looking to paint both 40K and AOS and have so far ordered the following sets to add to the rather old set of Dark Eldar I purchased back when GW were transitioning from Metal to Plastic figures (still have some metal but looking to stick to the plastic)

Dark Vengeance
Dark Imperium
Star Collecting! Tau Empire
Tau Empire TX4 Piranha
Start Collecting! Dark Eldar
Space Wolves pack

Start Collecting! Skeleton Horde

All of my paints have dried out, two complete sets :(, So I have restocked with about 100 pots to get me going and some brushes.

So, I hope I can really get back into it otherwise you may see some sets on eBay lol

I've watched the latest tutorials and have purchased White Dwarfs from Jan - May to ready up but will no doubt be asking lots of noob questions on here.

I do have the advantage of having a rather amazing print setup at home that I use for my Slot Car hobby that allows me to print waterslide decals with a white undercoat / or simply white so I will be using these to make customer decals for my collections.

Thanks for listening to me twitter on and I hope to chat with you soon.

Colin "Wraith"

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Re: A new oldie

Postby Bugman » Thu Jul 27, 2017 11:17 pm

Welcome Colin

Don't forget if you liked warhammer to check out the 9th age, a natural progression from times gone by!

http://www.bugmansbrewery.com - The largest most informative Dwarf website in the old world, covering every dwarfers needs from forum to tactics, gallery and the infamous warhammer armies: Diaries!!!!
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