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Good Posting Guide

Postby scrivs » Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:26 pm

The Warhammer Forum is here to promote constructive discussion about all aspects of the hobby. This is a public forum that is viewed by members from a wide range of age groups and cultural backgrounds. Please be considerate of others when composing your replies.
We all like a moan, but please try to keep the moaning to a minimum.

Personal Blogs or Podcasts
Blogs and Podcasts have become increasingly popular within the hobby, however they very rarely bring anything to this forum. Members are expected not to pimp their Blog/Podcast unless it will genuinely create discussion on the forum (E.G. Hi, check out my blog and let me know what you think? Does not bring anything to the forum).
However, it is fine to have a link to your blog/Podcast in your signature, but please keep it to the standard font size. If you do link to your Blog, please return the favour and link The Warhammer Forum (TWF) on your site.

Please do not advertise an online retail store or shop in your posts unless the subject requires it E.G. an event posted in the events section obviously needs to say where it is and if it has prizes by a sponsor or someone has asked for a place to buy models/paints/brushes etc.

1 Please respect the other members of the forum, we don't expect you to agree with everything being posted but please behave respectfully to other board members. Personal attacks (Flaming) will not be tolerated. Intentionally goading somebody into an argument (Trolling) will not be tolerated also.
Anybody breaking this rule may receive a 'warning' (we operate a 3 strike policy) or be banned if it is considered serious enough.

2 No swearing or being 'clever' with the word filter. SHOUTING ALL THE TIME is not acceptable either.

3 Please do not use l33t or text speak of any sort.
Anybody using it will have their entire post deleted (We don't all understand it, so we will err on the side of caution).

4 Members are expected to use proper sentences with punctuation and capital letters.
Failure to do so will result in the post being deleted. Repeatedly breaking these rules will result in a ban.

We also appreciate that some people may have genuine difficulties with spelling and punctuation, consequently we ask our existing members who cannot comment politely to be understanding and leave the moderation of the forum to the Moderators.

5 Please use a Spelling checker. It takes 5 seconds to check your posts, we appreciate that English may not be the first language of some posters but from previous experience we have learned that questions to the forum are far more likely to generate a good response if the question has been well thought out and presented. (Google have an Internet toolbar with one built in if your browser doesn't already have one)

6 Please refrain from posting individual points costs when posting army lists up. For example, it is perfectly acceptable to post the cost of a unit armed with a Lascannon and Plasma gun, but not acceptable to post the separate cost of the unit, the cost of the Lascannon and the cost of the Plasma gun. We do not have time to edit posts like these so the entire list will be deleted if people ignore this.

7 Please do not ask for the cost of a particular item or unit from any Codex, Army Book, etc. It is perfectly acceptable to ask questions about rule interpretations, etc, but you must own the relevant codex/rulebook. We must respect Games Workshops intellectual property.

8 Do not post Army Builder lists direct to the forum as they are very difficult to read and we do not need an explanation of how a Plasma gun works. We do not have time to edit posts like these so the entire list will be deleted.

9 Please do not bump any messages, if no one has replied to the post then clearly the forum members have nothing to add. Having a thread regurgitated artificially is annoying.

10 Please do not use pictures or other graphics in your signature. Likewise, do not use offensive or animated pictures in your avatar.

11 Please stay on topic. Personal chatting should be taken to Private Mail (PM).

12 Please do not use meaningless one word or one line replies.

13 If you are unhappy with a moderator decision, send an email to the admins( Do not post a locked thread again, and do not launch a personal attack on the moderator/s on the forum.

14 If you just signed up and posted a for sale notice, expect to see it disappear really quickly.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Thank you and happy posting.

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