hello all!

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hello all!

Postby leynadix » Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:46 am

I'm from Catalonia, Spain.
I'm here because I play warhammer Fantasy and I want the best for the game!
I want a nice bversion of the game, but ETC doesnt gives me a good feeling, it still lacks in balance.

I saw the 9nt edition (a mix of ETC and Sweden comp.) BUT still needs a balance, just like Skullcrushers are 1000% better than Knights chaos.
I've ben playing the 8.5 modification for some months, and its the most balanced I've tried.
I think tzeentch would not have a Ward save (this is not changed by modificatiins, all sweedish ETC and 8.5 have it. I think Tzeentch neeeds a (table) or somethig that Changes what does ingame.

do youknow Army builder? We are mixing power!

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