Hi everyone !

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Hi everyone !

Postby Ticos » Sat Apr 04, 2015 9:32 am

Hi guys !

Well well well, what to say ?

I started painting minis thirteen years ago with the LotR miniatures, since then I almost never stopped.

In my collection I got a space marines army, Necrons army, Tau army, Orks, a small force of Eldars and also some imprial guards.

I also am a commission painter (Ticos's Minis) since about 6 months, I spend 8 to ten hours a day behind my desk with my brushed and air-brush.
I used to be a professional model maker for architects but since there is no more work for us, I had to stop and try something else, that's why I started commissions (and also because it was a childhood dream)

I don't think you need to know anything more, see you in the modelling sections ! :D


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