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Postby zergling » Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:15 pm

Hello, I am new here and I've been thinking about starting Warhammer for quite some time now.

There is only one weird thing about my doubts;
The creativity and the fantasy/sci-fi stuff are awesome. Though liking them because they remind me of other franchises, I love how the Tyranids look like. (Hint = my name) I know out of experience with building kits, Warhammer can be an awesome way to spend some time, and wake up my introvertside.

But....I never liked boardgames, and I never will. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining about Warhammer. But to play this as a game is totally not done for me.

I'm just a simple guy who wants to build an army with the pieces / characters I like. This is how I plan my army as far:
Commander; Hive Tyrant
2nd in command; Venomthrope
Defense; 1 Pyrovore and a couple of Genestealers on both sides of the Commander.
Offensive/ front; Just a couple of Hive guards, Hormagaunts, termagaunts, etc. And all positions to look like a realistic chaotic swarm.

Why all this? Because simply this is what I like to do with it.


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